Portabuild Sleepout Review

I would like to voice testament to the service as well as portable sleepouts that Portabuild have provided to Arrow International on the Portliink Subdivision in Woolston Christchurch.

Our subdivision has required specific needs to the housing of a main administration Hub, & lunch room & ablution facilities to several other individual sites with in the subdivision Portabuild provided the service of design options on the layout of the main 12.6m administration Pod, along with rental & direct purchasing pricing for these buildings.

Portabuild have handled all of their service obligations in a timely & professional manner, ensuring our needs were meet on timing & quality.

I look forward to further business with Portabuild & can recommend them as a reliable & professional company to deal with, especially regarding their sleepouts for sale service.

Steve Savery
Construction Manager
Arrow International (NZ) Ltd

VetEnt PureMilk Mastitis Review

Producing top quality milk is not just a case of luck. Most farmers will have hit a period when their milk quality and production has been compromised and the situation doesn’t seem to be improving.  When profitability is down, it’s a tough decision to spend yet more hard-earned cash trying to find out what’s going awry.

This was the case five years ago for Mitch Russell, a large herd dairy farmer in Canterbury who became concerned at the herds’ high bulk milk somatic cell count (BMSCC) and increases in clinical and sub-clinical mastitis. Despite their efforts, mastitis was showing no sign of improvement. In fact, it seemed to be getting worse.

“We were losing the battle, alright,” says Mitch. “We just couldn’t get on top of it and cell count was up around 280,000 cells/ml. There was a good deal of Staph infection in the cows, and because the four herds’ milk through the one shed, I realised we needed to do something.”

Critical Association
Mitch’s long association with VetEnt Riverside proved to be critical in getting the situation under control. They recommended Mitch engage the help of PureMilk Mastitis Consultancy to take an objective look at what was happening.  South Island PureMilk consultant Ian Hodge visited the farm to assess what the significant issues were. Every farm is different, in terms of the complex interactions and balance between bacteria, environment, cow health, milking machine, staff and, of course, the farmer. There are many factors that can influence the level of mastitis, but typically around 60% of the problem can be attributed to the milking process itself.

“These guys have been doing this for a long time and really know their stuff,” said Russell. “First up, Ian introduced a programme to reduce the Staph infections out there.  His recommendation that we milk infected cows last so as not to contaminate the herd worked well, and then we got into teat sealing and antibiotics which really nailed that problem.  We joked that the teat sealant was a bit like No-More-Gaps, but it has made a serious difference for us in reducing bacterial infection over the dry season. It means that if we send cows out to graze, the teat sealant minimises the chance of picking up infection and disease from a crop. This, in turn, cuts down the amount of time we have to check cows in the shed and deal with any animals suffering from mastitis, all of which counts. Healthier animals mean healthier profits – end of story.”

Good Management Principles
One common myth about mastitis is that at a bulk milk SCC of 200,000 cells/ml or less, there is no cost to the farmer, but the reality is that more somatic cells mean fewer milk-producing cells, so it is crucial to reduce the count in as many ways as possible. Ian came in and transformed the way the shed ran. He checked vacuum and pulsation, watched the cows during milking, and made sure the ACRs (Automatic Cup Removers) were operating properly. He recommended changing the milking liners, checked the teat-spraying processes and generally looked for anything that could contribute to the poor teat condition, then  worked back to find the cause. “At the end of the day,” says Russell, “there is always a reason for poor teat health and it all comes down to a few good management principles.”

Morale Boost
But, according to Mitch, the biggest and most surprising transformation on the farm has been the impact PureMilk’s involvement has had on the staff, which has been really positive. Central to the consultancy’s modus operandi is ensuring there is buy-in and commitment early on in the piece from those who actually work on the farm. Staff training during the assessment which included teaching the staff how to increase hygiene around the animals has paid dividends.

“Ian has turned the place around in terms of staff morale,” he said. “Not only has he taught them a whole lot of wee technical tricks that have made a difference to their daily duties, such as cup placement, length of milking tubes and so on, but we are starting to get industry recognition and awards for our clean milk and reduced cell count. The reduction in SCC levels has also been a clincher: it all helps to keep us working on doing the best job we can.

“We get PureMilk back on an annual basis as a general rule, so new skills and ideas come up each time. Ian typically spends a day on site and then comes back very promptly with a full written report along with recommendations. Then, all we have to do is to put them into practice; it’s that simple.  If there’s any equipment that needs expert attention, Ian can organise the guys to come in and fix it.

“But the great thing is that we can call Ian at any time if we don’t think things are going as they should. Because he’s seen so many farms (PureMilk conducts 250-300 milking assessments per year) and he’s objective, he can look at our situation with fresh eyes and quickly nut out where the troublespots are, point them out while we are on the job and we can fix them there and then. It’s an awesome service!”

Bottom Line
So, what about the figures? How do they reflect the success of Mitch Russell’s involvement with PureMilk? After all, there has to be a cost associated with taking on a consultancy arm and that cost will have to come from the bottom line.

“This is true, and don’t think I didn’t have my concerns about throwing money at it when I was losing ground and I couldn’t see an end in sight.  But VetEnt Riverside assured me that we couldn’t lose by making the call, that there would always be a benefit from better mastitis control, and so we sucked it in.

Cost of PureMilk Programme over 5 years is $6325.
Total net return on investment over 5 years is 6954% or 1300% per season.

The results certainly speak volumes in favour of his investment. In December 2012, the Russell farms were 18,000 litres ahead of last season, with less antibiotic milk going to the calves, thanks to better overall animal health.  Coupled with this, SCC has dropped from its peak of 280,000 c/ml to a cruisy 140-150,000 c/ml which, Russell says is not bad for an 1850-strong herd.

Certainly, PureMilk usually reduce SCC by an average of 20-30%. A 30% reduction in a herd of say, 700 cows, equates to an increase in income of $42,700 alone.

“We’re looking for improvements all the time, and Ian has suggested a few other things we can do at dry-off. We also take the decision to cull re-offenders, which reduces revenue lost in unnecessary treatment time and feed costs for non-producing stock.

Many farmers will be concerned that a consultancy assessment, such as this one from PureMilk will result in having to invest in more equipment which they can ill afford, but this hasn’t been Mitch Russell’s experience. His only purchase has been the replacement of his milking liners which, in the scheme of things, is minimal.

“Getting these guys in is a no-brainer,” he said. “Our figures are fairly typical for a large herd and the actual cost of the annual assessment is very small compared with our significant increase in profitability. Over the next few years, we intend to reduce mastitis still further and then low cell count bonuses will kick in.”

If you’re looking for Ashburton vets or maybe vets in Te Awamutu, there are VetEnt branches in these towns. The North Island’s east coast team of VetEnt animal health experts are some of the Gisborne vets that the people in region trust for the health and care of their animals. Be sure to visit the VetEnt website on www.vetent.co.nz for more information.

Continental Catering Review

The party season is around the corner and with it comes the fun of entertaining. For whatever reason you want to celebrate and the style of the event to consider when serving the food and drinks. Continental Event Catering are the party experts, and have a great many options available to make your function fabulous.

Standing for the occasion…canapés are beautifully presented to delight both the eyes and the taste buds. A cocktail party, complete with bubbles and cold beers happens with ease if you employ a caterer accustomed to this style of service. Wait staff move with ease through the crowd, presenting a constant variety of morsels – hot and cold.

We meet all special dietary requirements – including options for gluten free and vegetarians.

For that event, where a little more substantial service is required, Continental have designed an impressive Bowl Food menu which includes delicious choices like red-rubbed chicken served with green tea noodle salad, seared rosemary encrusted lamb loin on roast vegetable salad, or spinach and feta ravioli in a rich tomato ratatouille and basil pesto.

Served in delightful hand held bowls, with cocktail cutlery add to the experience.

Having a cocktail mixologist at the party will certainly add flare and entertainment.  Served flamboyantly the cocktail drink options will no doubt impress, and the matched food will add to the delight.

Introducing clients to a new product, thanking suppliers or simply celebrating Christmas, Continental chefs can put together a purposely designed cocktail and canapé menu to match the occasion.

Get your party moving with food stations? Enabling guests to wander from one section of a room to another helps with mingling along with anticipation as they explore the different options from the seafood station to the hot dog stand.

Continental work with some of the best creative minds in the business, and dressing up your food stand to match the theme, can completely transform an event – limited only to your imagination.

And for the finale, Continental has the most delicious selection of sweet treats you will be unable to resist.

For details on menus and ideas on your next party venue, call Continental on 0800 426 684 or www.continental.co.nz

Why rat screens & bird screens help unblock spouts

Many New Zealanders have used gutters, whether in roofs or streets, to direct water away from their home or place of work. Typically, these are used to avoid flood and direct water to its appropriate containers. However, the main problem experienced by gutter users today is blocked gutters because of the presence of birds, rat and even snow. All of these contribute to the blocking of gutters and breaking of spouting systems.

rat-screens-and-bird-screensOne of the most common problems encountered in the gutters of our houses is the building up of rotting debris. Since most of the roofs are high enough for reach, some leaves and debris fall down on the gutter, left to rate and decay later. Rain gutters are clogged with wet leaves which can lead to the corrosion of the gutter’s protective finish. Debris of rats can also block spouts. Rat screens can be used to solve this problem. Bird screens also have the same function, while snow guards can be used for protection against snow.

Another problem encountered when having gutters in our home is the difficulty in cleaning it. Whenever it gets blocked or dirty, we need to secure a ladder that is long and sturdy enough to carry the climber. Unfortunately, the occurrence of accidents related to ladders or stepladders at home have increased each year. This brings people to their senses that cleaning a gutter can be dangerous.

If you are looking for a solution to the problems you encounter in managing your gutter, then Gutter Solutionz can really help you out. The company can provide you with modern tools like rat screens, bird screens, snow guards and snowstraps for cleaning and installing protective systems for your gutter. Gutter Solutionz provides its clients with a metal sprouting screen that will add a protective system to make sure that leaves and other debris do not enter the gutter, yet still allow the normal flow of water. The materials provided by the company are continuously enhanced over time so that you can utilize this screen as snowstraps.

Many people also worry about what the gutter would like after installation. The design of the roof or house may not match that of the gutter. But with Gutter Solutionz, you are given the freedom to choose the color and size that you want. By this, you will not only protect your house but also maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Gutter Solutionz provides its customers with the choice on what material to use in their guttering. Whether it is steel, aluminum, or copper, the company also offers warranties for all the materials involved in the installation. Through this, the customers will not have to worry if their recently bought gutter system is damaged and for repair.

Aside from the modern devices like rat screens, bird screens, snowstraps and snow guards that they can offer you in gutter installation, the team of experts in Gutter Solutionz can also give you advice on methods in solving spouting problems. They can conduct a free assessment, give you a preview of what your gutter will look like after installation and propose recommendations on how to fix it.

Ezyfit Home Workouts Reviews – Exercises at home to promote weight loss after pregnancy

The three reviews below are from people throughout the Oceania region who have tried the Ezyfit home workout program. Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m a busy person, so I find it hard to find time to work in exercise around work (I run a business), family (two bumptious boys), and occasional socialising.  I travel once a fortnight, and find it hard to do anything in regular hours.  Plus if I’m honest, I’m not into the sweaty go-hard environment of a gym (too much perspiration is not my style – plus I am not good at getting up in the mornings!)  I figured that exercises at home in the evenings would be the best way to get fit.  Searching online, I came across  Ezyfit, who are a group of personal trainers and gym owners online.  They’ve tailored a program of exercises that take into consideration what equipment I have (e.g. swiss ball and running shoes), what body parts I want to work on (soft tummy), and what things I like (built in a tennis lesson – yay).  I find the convenience of this really works – though I have to admit that around Christmas, my self-discipline has seriously waned.  But roll on first week of work, and I’m back into it.  Worth a try! If your self-discipline went out the window at Xmas and you’re not feeling as fit and fantastic as you’d like, then home workouts are probably on your New Year’s resolution list like mine.” Lisa P, Wogga Wogga, NSW, Australia

“The downside of having children is post pregnancy belly fat.  It’s stubborn, hard to shift and who has time anyway with kids ever demanding a watchful eye!  Well there is a way.  Ezyfit is a site that has helped me find a solution to lose that post-pregnancy belly I was carrying around.  You can even get a personalised program that works around your exercise preferences!  Best of all, I could do all the exercises at home.” Kobayashi S, Tokyo, Japan

“I’ve always wondered what’s the secret to weight loss after pregnancy? It’s depressing that the body tries to hold onto body fat after babies. Why can’t we look like those Woman’s Weekly actresses with no bulge (seriously, surely those shots are photoshopped????) And with the exhaustion of a new baby (as well as another wandering toddler to be mindful of), it seems too hard to commit to weight loss after pregnancy.  However, I’ve just chanced across the Ezyfit program and cannot rave about enough! I’ve seen some excellent results over the past few weeks, not to mention a boost of energy as well. I highly recommend it to all mums of all ages.” Sarah T, Christchurch, New Zealand