New Zealand Immigration Agency Review

I recently engaged the services of the Live In New Zealand immigration agency, Mark Williams and Caroline Edwards, some 16 months ago after an initial telephone discussion with Mark 30 months ago.

Having made a decision that emigration to New Zealand is something you definitely want to do, all your plans for work, home, family and lifestyle hinge on obtaining residency. Quite simply, no residency – no emigration. If you get part way down the road and then can’t get residency, you could be left in a horrible stage of limbo, with one foot in UK and one in NZ in any number of aspects (house, job, schooling, promises to family, friends, money half in UK half in £ and half in $ – (rather like a bad disaster film that we all cringe at and never think could happen to us.) The process itself is not easy, the rules change and the stakes are high.

Mark is a solicitor with great knowledge of the system, gives you a clear and honest appraisal of your chances and the risks; and specialises in difficult cases. He likes to have an initial telephone consultation at the beginning to find out about your case and get a clear idea of what strategy to take and what your time scales are. He will also get involved at major decision cross roads and as difficult or complicated issues arise. He has a very sharp mind and for those who like straight answers and a solicitor who will make decisions and not sit on the fence unnecessarily – he’s your man.

Caroline handles your day to day case, helps you through the mountain of admin and is in constant contact with Mark over any issues that arise out of the norm. She has an amazing knowledge of the system, gives you very clear advice, is happy to answer all your questions however stupid they may seem, such as how to choose a content marketing consultant. She is constantly available on the phone and by email, is incredibly efficient, understanding, and good at what she does. She adds her own wonderful personal touch to all she does, having herself emigrated from UK. Nothing is too much trouble.

Costs are clearly defined at the outset and very reasonable (a sizable part of which are for things you have to pay for if you were to do it yourself). If your case becomes extremely complex, you will be advised of the need to pay more, but even then, it is very reasonable.

My experience of their service as professionals in their field has been outstanding. Given the importance of what Mark and Caroline do for you – worth every penny (or cent)! I cannot recommend them highly enough and am very grateful for all their hard work ensuring a successful outcome.

Both Mark and Caroline continued to work in Christchurch throughout the traumas of the earthquake to deliver a brilliant service (it all happened in the middle of key moments of our case). Despite all this, they continued to serve me and my family and ensure that our case was not affected, while their own office and homes had been destroyed. This kind of determination and selfless commitment to their clients is simply an extension of the people they are and their attitude to the life and work.”

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