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For those looking to buy or sell an Auckland business or any business within New Zealand, there is a great NZ website offering just that! For 20 years, nzbizbuysell.co.nz have offered New Zealanders a highly successful platform to buy and sell businesses and franchises.

The listings on nzbizbuysell.co.nz provide a wide range of business opportunities, such as cafes, motels, service stations, manufacturing, e-commerce, and many others. The buyer may be looking solely for businesses for sale Auckland, or they can search another location, and choose from over 2500 businesses for sale NZ wide.

Listings on the website include those from both private sellers and leading New Zealand business brokers. To list a business privately, the seller simply visits nzbizbuysell.co.nz website where they follow a simple process to create a listing that will appeal to the buyer. Once they are happy with the listing, they pay, and the listing goes live. For brokers, nzbizbuysell offers a variety of appealing volume-based packages. This provides brokers with an effective way to reach buyers with their clients’ listings, and to market their broker services.

The nzbizbuysell.co.nz site seamlessly connects business buyers with sellers. As well as their popular nzbizbuysell.co.nz website, nzbizbuysell also engages via newsletters, bulletins and via the comprehensive resources available on the website.

Newsletters and bulletins feature new listings and links to new articles on the website, as well as up to date news in the arena of NZ business. The nzbizbuysell website features some great resource articles that offer invaluable expertise around both buying and selling a business. The articles are free and available to anyone who wishes to use them.

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If you are looking to buy or sell a business in Auckland, or NZ wide, nzbizbuysell can help! Check out nzbizbuysell online at www.nzbizbuysell.co.nz