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Invercargill Accountant Peter van Lokven of Invercargill Accounting sits in front of a Southland beach.

Reviews of Invercargill Accountants

Invercargill Accounting: A beacon for practical accounting support

For those navigating the complexities of small business ownership in New Zealand, particularly in Invercargill, there’s a keen golfer that has been making waves with his personable approach:

Professional and prompt

“Invercargill Accounting was recommended by a friend a few years ago, and I have been with Peter since he is easy to deal with and very professional and prompt. I would recommend them anytime.”
Lindsay Turner, Reliance Fishing Ltd – Fishing & Charters

Low frills Invercargill Accountants

“I would like to congratulate Peter on being a low-frills accountant. It is easy to fit into my schedule, and I am able to drop in when in Invercargill without an appointment. The accounting systems keep everything simple and easy to understand. Peter is very professional when completing budgets and various accounting information for banks and myself. There have been no hassles with different situations and through a family separation.”
Lex Brown – Farmer – Builder, Been with Peter for about 15 Years.

Easy access

“We are a smaller self-employed business, we wanted a more personal and approachable Invercargill accountant, and Peter is like that. We like the easy access and can pop in or ring up. This suits our needs. Peter is professional, friendly, and helpful, and if he cannot answer a query, he will come back quickly to us. We have been with Peter and Invercargill Accounting for many years and enjoy the services.”
Frank and Karenne – Quinn Partnership, Plumbing and Drain laying

Great sounding board

“Since 2015, Peter has not only done our GST and end-of-year financials but has helped us decide the direction of our business. When we looked at expanding, Peter gave us good, comprehensive advice, not only on the benefits but also on the costs and potential pitfalls involved in increasing our workload and staff levels. Peter has helped consolidate our thoughts in other areas of our business by being a sounding board and giving us his insights into how our ideas may or may not be possible. We enjoy the way Invercargill Accounting maintain a personal approach to their clients.”
Claire and Peter West-Price – Partnership – Courier Operators

Small business accountant in Invercargill

“We chose Peter from other Invercargill accountants as he had been recommended to us and suited our small business requirements. We have never looked back since 2005 and in fact have become friends and enjoy the odd game of golf together! We know we can always pick up the phone and ask his advice. We always trust that he will listen and align his advice and strategies with our goals.”
Kana & Mahas Shanmuganathan – Trust – Partnership – Motels – Commercial & Residential rentals

Your Partner in Financial Success

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for regular accounting services or a medium business seeking comprehensive financial solutions, Invercargill Accounting is your go-to partner. Their commitment to excellence, combined with their deep understanding of various industries, makes them a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and expert Invercargill Accountants in Southland.